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Rising LoneStars®

Executive Editor: Simon Nichols

Rising LoneStars® is committed to tracking Texas’ rising up-and-coming local government leaders and providing quality information, such as campaign finance documentation, salaries, and more.

County Officials
Tarrant County Courthouse

Our team compiles data on the county elected officials of the 35 largest counties in Texas.

City Council Members
Houston City Hall

Access our database to find up-to-date information on city council members for over 200 of Texas’ largest cities.

School Boards
Our national and state flags

View contact and election information for school board officials from every ISD within Texas’ 34 largest counties.

Campaign Finance

Our database includes campaign finance documents for cities and counties around Texas


We provide information on the compensation local elected officials receive for their service.

Top 10

Each month we release our Top 10 Rising Lonestars® publication.

About Rising Lonestars®

This site aggregates local city and county officials’ contact and election information in Texas’ major counties for political and policy professionals interested in the impacts of local government. Additionally, we collect news items that allow us to identify a non-partisan list of local government officials who take a consistent leadership role in public policy development. These are the Rising Lonestars®, or the “ones to watch,” from across the diverse state of Texas. 


Rising Lonestars® tracks and identifies local elected officials who show outstanding leadership. These are officials who effectively use the resources available to them to effect substantive change. They represent their constituents, defend minority groups and opinions (both liberal and conservative), and improve their communities. Great leaders are not the product of a single political party or ideology and Rising Lonestars from both sides of the aisle can be found on our Top 10 lists

Mission Statement

Rising Lonestars® is committed to finding the very best leaders amongst elected officials at the local government level. Our team tracks local Texas elected officials as they rise. Our efforts are nonpartisan, as we review local government actions throughout the diverse state of Texas. We at Rising Lonestars® are on the lookout for local government leaders who will shape tomorrow’s Texas.

What We Do

We are in the business of identifying local government leaders who make a difference. To help us better track who the next Rising Lonestars® are, we first have to know who is representing Texans at a local level. We track local elected officials for 35 Texas counties and over 200 of Texas’ largest towns and cities. Our team has created a database with up-to-date information for each of these counties and cities. For each county or city we track, you will find the elected official’s name, precinct/district, contact information, and upcoming election date. Each of these local Texas politicians have been divided into seven regions: West Texas, North Texas, South Texas, Central Texas, East Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the Panhandle/South Plains.

Local News

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Rising LoneStars invites suggestions of local elected officials for future Top Ten lists. For all suggestions please fill out the form below.