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Rising LoneStars®

Executive Editor: Simon Nichols

Rising LoneStars® is committed to tracking Texas’ rising up-and-coming local government leaders and providing quality information, such as campaign finance documentation, salaries, and more.

About Rising Lonestars®

This site aggregates local city and county officials’ contact and election information in Texas’ major counties for political and policy professionals interested in the impacts of local government. Additionally, we collect news items that allow us to identify a non-partisan list of local government officials who take a consistent leadership role in public policy development. These are the Rising Lonestars®, or the “ones to watch,” from across the diverse state of Texas.

County Officials
Tarrant County Courthouse

Our team compiles data on the county elected officials of the 35 largest counties in Texas.

City Council Members
Houston City Hall

Access our database to find up-to-date information on city council members for over 200 of Texas’ largest cities.

School Boards
Our national and state flags

View contact and election information for school board officials from every ISD within Texas’ 34 largest counties.

Local News

Below is a constantly updating feed of local Texas news stories

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