County Campaign Contributions

Below is our database of county officials’ campaign contributions. Type the name of a county or elected official in the search bar to access their most recent available campaign finance documents.

CountyPositionOfficial NameJanuary 15th reports
El PasoCounty JudgeRicardo A. Samaniego
El PasoCommissioner Pct 1Carlos Leon
El PasoCommissioner Pct 2David Stout
El PasoCommissioner Pct 3Iliana Holguin
El PasoCommissioner Pct 4Carl L. Robinson
CameronCounty JudgeEddie Trevino Jr.
CameronCommissioner Pct 1Sofia C Benavides
CameronCommissioner Pct 2Joey Lopez
CameronCommissioner Pct 3David A. Garza
CameronCommissioner Pct 4Gustavo C Ruiz
HidalgoCounty JudgeRichard F. Cortez
HidalgoCommissioner Pct 1David L. Fuentes
HidalgoCommissioner Pct 2Eduardo Cantu
HidalgoCommissioner Pct 3Everardo Villareal
HidalgoCommissioner Pct 4Ellie Torres
BexarCounty JudgeNelson W. Wolff
BexarCommissioner Pct 1Rebeca "Becky" Clay-Flores
BexarCommissioner Pct 2Justin Rodriguez
BexarCommissioner Pct 3Trish DeBerry
BexarCommissioner Pct 4Tommy Calvert
LubbockCounty JudgeCurtis Parrish
LubbockCommissioner Pct 1Terence Kovar
LubbockCommissioner Pct 2Jason Corley
LubbockCommissioner Pct 3Gilbert A. Flores
LubbockCommissioner Pct 4Chad Seay
Dallas CountyCounty JudgeClay Jenkins
Dallas CountyCommissioner Pct 1Dr. Theresa Daniel
Dallas CountyCommissioner Pct 2J.J. Koch
Dallas CountyCommissioner Pct 3John Wiley Price
Dallas CountyCommissioner Pct 4Dr. Elba Garcia
Tarrant CountyCounty JudgeB. Glen Whitley
Tarrant CountyCommissioner Pct 1Roy Charles Brookes
Tarrant CountyCommissioner Pct 2Devan Allen
Tarrant CountyCommissioner Pct 3Gary Fickes
Tarrant CountyCommissioner Pct 4J.D. Johnson
Collin CountyCounty JudgeChris Hill
Collin CountyCommissioner Pct 1Susan Fletcher
Collin CountyCommissioner Pct 2Cheryl Williams
Collin CountyCommissioner Pct 3Darrell Hale
Collin CountyCommissioner Pct 4Duncan Webb
Denton CountyCounty JudgeAndy Eads
Denton CountyCommissioner Pct 1Ryan Williams
Denton CountyCommissioner Pct 2Ron Marchant
Denton CountyCommissioner Pct 3Bobbie J. Mitchell
Denton CountyCommissioner Pct 4Dianne Edmondson
HarrisCounty JudgeLina Hidalgo
HarrisCommissioner Pct 1Rodney Ellis
HarrisCommissioner Pct 2Adrian Garcia
HarrisCommissioner Pct 3Tom Ramsey
HarrisCommissioner Pct 4R. Jack Cagle
JeffersonCounty JudgeJeff Branick
JeffersonCommissioner Pct 1Vernon Pierce
JeffersonCommissioner Pct 2Darrell Bush
JeffersonCommissioner Pct 3Michael Sinegal
JeffersonCommissioner Pct 4Everette "Bo" Alfred
Fort BendCounty JudgeKP George
Fort BendCommissioner Pct 1Vincent Morales, Jr.
Fort BendCommissioner Pct 2Grady Prestage
Fort BendCommissioner Pct 3Andy Meyers
Fort BendCommissioner Pct 4Ken DeMerchant
GalvestonCounty JudgeMark Henry
GalvestonCommissioner Pct 1Darrell Apffel
GalvestonCommissioner Pct 2Joe Giusti
GalvestonCommissioner Pct 3Stephen D. Holmes
GalvestonCommissioner Pct 4Ken Clark
NuecesCounty JudgeBarbara Canales
NuecesCommissioner Pct 1Robert Hernandez
NuecesCommissioner Pct 2Joe A. Gonzalez
NuecesCommissioner Pct 3John Marez
NuecesCommissioner Pct 4Brent Chesney
SmithCounty JudgeNathaniel Moran
SmithCommissioner Pct 1Neal Franklin
SmithCommissioner Pct 2Cary Nix
SmithCommissioner Pct 3Terry Phillips
SmithCommissioner Pct 4JoAnn Hampton
TravisCounty JudgeAndy Brown
TravisCommissioner Pct 1Jeff Travillion
TravisCommissioner Pct 2Brigid Shea
TravisCommissioner Pct 3Ann Howard
TravisCommissioner Pct 4Margaret Gomez
WilliamsonCounty JudgeBill Gravell
WilliamsonCommissioner Pct 1Terry Cook
WilliamsonCommissioner Pct 2Cynthia Long
WilliamsonCommissioner Pct 3Valerie Covey
WilliamsonCommissioner Pct 4Russ Boles
HaysCounty JudgeRuben Becerra
HaysCommissioner Pct 1Debbie Gonzales Ingalsbe
HaysCommissioner Pct 2Mark Jones
HaysCommissioner Pct 3Lon Shell
HaysCommissioner Pct 4Walt Smith
ComalCounty JudgeSherman Krause
ComalCommissioner Pct 1Donna Eccleston
ComalCommissioner Pct 2Scott Haag
ComalCommissioner Pct 3Kevin Webb
ComalCommissioner Pct 4Jen Crownover
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