Interview with El Paso County Commissioner Iliana Holguin

Rising Lonestars interviewed El Paso County Iliana Holguin to discuss her nomination to the RLS Top 10 in July. Councilmember Holguin told us about her efforts to expand the county sewer and water systems to the unincorporated parts of her distinct and her experience transitioning to local government. Transcript Iliana Holguin So my name isContinue reading “Interview with El Paso County Commissioner Iliana Holguin”

July 2022: Top 10 Texas Local Officials

We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the Top 10 Texas local officials who showed extraordinary leadership in the month of July. #1 Rodney Ellis Harris County Commissioner | Houston, TX Commissioner Rodney Ellis hosted a gun buyback program that resulted in 845 firearms being removed from the streets as partContinue reading “July 2022: Top 10 Texas Local Officials”